Billiard Table, Snooker Table and Pool Table Room Sizes

Pool table room size guide.

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Billiard Table / Pool Table Room Sizes in imperial & metric measurements.

Pool tables come in a range of sizes with the more common sizes being:

6′ X 3′         – Pub size pool table.
7′ X 3′ 6”  – League competition size pool table.
8′ X 4′        – A medium size pool table.
9′ X 4′ 6” – Standard American 9 ball / French 9 ball table size.
10′ X 5′      – A less common larger size pool table.
12′ X 6′      – Full size competition / tournament pool table.

The ideal size for a pool table room should be at least 1.5mt (5′) larger than each side of the pool table.

The minimum size for a pool table room should be at least 1.2mt (4′) larger then each of the sides of the pool table.

Please note: Metric measurement have been converted from imperial measurements and are approximate.

Table Size     Room Size Ideal (FT/MT)     Room Size Minimum (FT/MT)
6′ x 3′              16′ x 13′ / 5.0mt x 4.0mt             14′ x 11′ / 4.3mt x 3.4mt
7′ x 3’6”         17′ x 14′ / 5.1mt x 4.3mt              15′ x 11′ / 4.6mt x 3.4mt
8′ x 4′              18′ x 14′ / 5.2mt x 4.3mt              16′ x 12′ / 5.0mt x 3.6mt
9′ x 4’6”        19′ x 14′ / 5.8mt x 4.5mt              17′ x 12′ / 5.2mt x 3.6mt
10′ x 5′            20′ x 15′ / 6.1mt x 4.6mt              18′ x 13′ / 5.5mt x 3.9mt
12′ x 6′            22′ x 16′ / 6.7mt x 4.9mt             20′ x 14′ / 6.0mt x 4.1mt

If your pool table room size is smaller than ideal or minimum pool table room sizes, shorter pool cue sticks can be used. When growing up we did have a 6 foot pool table in a 3mt x 4mt room and while some tight corner shots were annoying the game was playable with using a smaller ”corner” pool cue.

Pool cues are available in standard lengths of 91 cm (36”) often referred to as a corner cue, 106cm (42”), 122cm (48”), 145cm (57”) commonly referred to as the standard length pool cue stick, and 152cm (60”).

ABC Sports pool table tips:

Never leave pool cues or pool balls set up on your pool table…
Leaving pool cues and balls on the table could permanently indent the pool table cloth.

Never leave drinks on the edges of the pool table…
Captain America demonstrates why in the graphic!

Always store pool cues and pol ball sets in racks or cases, never leave them leaning against a wall. Pool balls should be stored in their original boxes or pool ball cases this keeps all the balls together and also helps keep the ball set clean and dust free.

Check out the ABC Sports web site for a fabulous range of pool cue sticks and pool balls and 8-ball, billiard and snooker accessories!

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