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The ABC Darts Australia web site is an Aussie darts shopping info web site providing online darts shopping information for those looking at getting into the game of darts, and for those already wallowing in the challenges that eye-hand coordination poses!

ABC Darts Australia shop online to buy dartboards and darts in Australia. We also supply a large range of low priced high quality dartboard cabinet, dartboard case, dart case, laser oche, dart mat and dart accessories. Join our darts mailing list to receive darts discount voucher via email.

ABC Darts is one of Australia's number 1 online darts shop and real world retail Australia darts shop! We provide a wide range of darts and dart supplies, and stock premium quality UK darts, Bladed dartboards, dartboard cabinets and dart accessories.

You receive same business day shipping of your order, providing the darts items are in stock. Darts Australia wide with most orders being delivered in 1 - 3 business days in suburban areas and 5 - 10 days in rural and remote areas. Australia darts equipment and Australia darts with Australia wide delivery, guaranteed!

The ABC Darts Australia dart brands include Winmau, Nodor, Elkdart, Formula, Unicorn and Target Darts Australia. We supply Australia darts and darts Australia equipment that cater for the complete beginner right the way through to club and Australia darts league professionals.

ABC Darts Australia customer benefits:

  • Large range of premium low priced Australia darts and accessories.

  • Low cost shipping of Australia darts orders shipping Australia wide.

  • State of the art encryption technologies for secure online payments.

  • Customer support and customer service that is second to none.

  • Online ordering, phone ordering, and mail ordering services.

The Australian ABC darts shop are able to supply all your needs in darts, dart flights, dart shafts, dart stems, dartboards and dartboard cabinets and each and every one of our products is a premium quality product.

ABC darts Australia only stocks premier brands from trusted dart manufacturers in England. Brands like Elkadart, Winmau, and Nodor. When it comes to darts, those names are synonymous with quality, crafting products that have come to symbolize accuracy and professionalism.

In a Medieval English Country Tavern a long, long time ago...

Darts began as a time passing activity with crossbow bolts being thrown into the base of mead kegs in the local taverns when it was too wet or too icy to practice archery on the outside archery and crossbow ranges. Since medieval times, darts has evolved to be better designed for indoor use with dart barrels being carved from oak, weighted with steel points and lead, and like arrows and crossbow bolts, fletched with turkey feathers of the day.

Darts has come a long way since then medieval times. Nowadays, darts are available with softip (plastic tips), steel tip and dart barrels are made from materials such as brass, nickel, tungsten and military grade tungsten bonded materials to weight specification within .01 of a gram. Combining military-grade specifications with modern day manufacturing the finely crafted darts of today gives you the leading edge in size to weight ratio, resulting in tighter grouping and higher scoring.

Even tho our prices are amongst the lowest in Australia, always remember the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin...

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten!"

So let's enjoy the game without the crowds, without the fanfare, without the big prize money, just for the pure enjoyment of playing darts. Be it on your own, at the local pub or club, or when a few mates drop in, which ever way you play - begin with a handshake, enjoy the challenges, hone your skills and above all have fun, and when all is said and done, let's finish with a handshake of a game well played! :)

Let the Aussie dart games begin! :)

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