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Kelly pool black bottle and marble set

  • Model: 8968-BLACK

  • Brand: ABC Sports Australia


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Click, Tap n Share Kelly pool black bottle and marble set!

Kelly pool bottle and kelly pool marble set and kelly pool rules.

Kelly pool black bottle and black marble set includes 1 x plastic kelly pool marble bottle and 1 x set of plastic kelly pool marbles numbered from 1 to 16.

Kelly Pool Rules:

Number of players: 2-15.

Kelly pool is played with one full set of numbered pool balls and the 1 cue ball.

Determining Order of Play:

Each player shakes one numbered marble from the shake bottle. The break and order of play is determined by the lowest to highest number drawn.

Once play order has been determined all the kelly pool marbles are returned back to the bottle and shaken. The bottle is then passed from player to player, with each player taking one marble from the bottle. You will need to keep this marble number a closely guarded secret as this is your target ball.

You need to pot your secret numbered ball before any other player in order to win the game

If a player pots your numbered ball you are eliminated from the game and are demoted to drink waiter and ''gofor'' until the game concludes. :)

The game continues until you pot your numbered ball, or you eliminate all the other players by potting their numbered ball.

All standard 8-ball pool game rules and fouls apply during play.

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