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AFL Grand Final Knockout kelly pool set

  • Model: AFLKPS

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  • Brand: AFL 8 Ball

$219.95 each.

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Click, Tap n Share AFL Grand Final Knockout kelly pool set!

AFL Grand Final Knockout season with the official AFL Grand Final Knockout kelly pool ball set.

The official AFL Grand Final Knockout kelly pool set allows you to play with up to 15 players - the game plan should you choose to accept is to pocket everyone else's team, the last club standing wins the game!!!The AFL Grand Final Knockout pool set includes

  • 16 x individual AFL club logo balls.
  • 1 x AFL cue ball.
  • 16 x AFL club logo kelly pool marbles.
  • 1 x blue plastic AFL kelly marble bottle.
  • 1 x How to Play AFL Kelly Pool guide.

How to play AFL Grand Final Knockout pool...

AFL Grand Final Knockout pool requires a minimum of 2 and maximum of 15 players.

To begin, select one AFL Team to "sit out" and remove the team ball and kelly marble from the game. Using the remaining 15 AFL team balls rack up the balls as you would if playing 8 ball or pool.

Designate the order of players, shake up the marbles in the kelly pool bottle and give one marble to each player, and tell them to keep their marble team a secret from the other players.

The first player starts the game by breaking the rack of team balls, keeping in mind that the cue ball must hit at least one cushion before coming in contact with the rack of balls.

The aim of the AFL Grand Final Knockout pool game is to "Knock Out" all of the opposing Team balls from the game, leaving your team ball as the last one standing on the table.

A player can pocket any ball on the table other than the cue ball or his own team ball, and continues to play until the player either misses a ball or plays a foul shot.

As a player pockets a Team ball, the player with the corresponding AFL Team marble of that team is knocked out of the game and returns his AFL team marble back to the bottle.

If a player pockets a Team ball of which no other player has the corresponding AFL team marble, that player continues their play.

AFL Grand Final Knockout Pool Foul Shot...

Immediately after a foul shot has been played, the next player begins their play.

Foul Shots include:

  • If the cue ball misses all the AFL team balls during a shot.

  • If the cue ball is pocketed during a shot.

Should the player pocket the cue ball and a Team ball in the same shot, it is considered a foul shot and does not count. Any AFL Team ball pocketed via a foul shot is returned to the table, re-spotted and the next player begins his shot.

If a Team ball is pocketed on a foul shot, then the team ball is returned to the table and spotted. In the event of the spot being covered or obscured, the ball is positioned behind and as close as possible to the spot.

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