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Bullet DP blue dart flight saver

  • Model: AA10-BLU

  • Brand: ABC Sports Australia


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The bullet DP blue dart flight saver is a blue engineered dart flight protector.

The bullet DP blue dart flight saver is an essential dart flight accessory that is placed on the back end tip of the dart flight to help protect the flight and shaft from point damage by 'Robin Hooding'.

Do you remember the classic black and white Robin Hood movies where Robin split a bullseye arrow in the archery tournament to win a golden Arrow, presented by none other than the fair Maid Marian? Ahhh... the romance and adventure of medieval times! We'll, there is a point to this story, this is where the term 'Robin Hooding' was derived. 'Robin Hooding' is damage caused by the dart in flight, hitting another dart already nested in the board. The bullet DFS's help reduce in board dart collision damage, by deflecting the dart point and causing the dart to slip by the dart in board dart, rather than damaging the dart flight or stem, thus helping your dart flight and stem to last so much longer, whilst at the same time helping to minimising the number of dart collision bounce outs.

The bullet blue bullet aluminium DFS other major role is to assist in keeping the dart flight fins at right angles to each other for maintaining aerodynamic stability and in flight characteristics

The bullet blue aluminium bullet dart flight saver is approximately 8mm long, 2.5mm in diameter and features a quad slot front configuration with a diamond cut body to provide extra grip when removing and a bullet contoured deflector tail design.

Each pack contains 3 x bullet DP blue dart flight savers.

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