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Dart point stone keyring

  • Model: AA05

  • Brand: ABC Sports Australia


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The round dart point sharpening stone keyring is an essential accessory for any sharp dart player.

Hitting the dart board wires or when your dart hits the ground can cause burrs to occur on your steel point dart points. This is when a good quality dart stone becomes priceless! Burrs on your dart points can damage and 'rip out' the fibers of a dart board and will cause an ever increasing amount of bounce outs, escalating the damage caused to your dart points.

Never use a dart point stone to put a sharp point on your darts. The only time you ever need to use a dart point stone is to round off the sharp point of a new dart set, or when the steel point has a burr.

We also have available ABC Sports replacement dart sharpening stones for the keyring dart point sharpening stone.

Remember: Using sharp pointed darts will result in far more bounce outs, far more severe dart point burring, will cause damage to the dart board fibers and will cause damage to the foundation backing board of your dart board.

Round dart sharpening stone measurements:

  • Overall Length: approximately 26mm (1 inch).
  • Diameter: approximately 15mm (5/8 inch).

Dart point tips!

Steel point darts SHOULD NOT have a sharp point. Ideally steel dart points should have a rounded point, similar shape to that of a ball point pen. If your darts have sharp point you will need to 'round them off',this will allow the point to 'slide off' the dart board wires into the board instead of bouncing to the floor, called a "Bounce Out". Rounding off your dart points will also eliminate any accidental dart point stick injuries when handling the darts.

The only times you ever need to use a dart point sharpening stone is to round off the sharp point of a new dart set, or when the steel point has a burr.

To check if your dart point has a burr, hold your dart with point up and gently slide your thumb nail up all the sides of the point. The dart point should be smooth all the way along the length, if there is a burr, your nail will catch on it. If your dart point has a burr, place the dart point in the concave part of the dart point sharpening stone and rotate the dart slowly and gently to remove the burr. This round and gentle motion will allow your points to stay rounded, remove any burrs and add preserve the life to your dart points, and just as importantly preserve the life of your dart board!

The above methods are the same for both FIXED and RETRACTABLE steel point darts. Do not 'sharpen' or 'de-burr' you dart points more than what is absolutely necessary as this will cause premature ware on your dart points. Always use a solid concave ended, solid dart point sharpening stone. Avoid flat stones, 'the cement' and power grinders to maintain your dart pints as these are more difficult to use and tend to put flat spots on the dart points. Round hollow stones tend to break just when you need them most.

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