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FREE the worst 150 micron dart flight ever made in the UK

  • Model: EDF-150

  • Brand: Australian Patriot Darts


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The worst ever made 150 micron dart flight is now yours for free, just pay for shipping.

Make no mistake! These are the darn dog worst quality inferior 150 micron dart flights ever made. If you're very lucky these dart flights will last for a very short time, (although be warned they may not even survive placing them in the dart stem). These poor quality dart flights are custom dart flights we had made by a very well know UK darts manufacturing wholesale company from super-thick-super-strong super-doggy-doo fall apart 150 micron thick material!

The 150 micron dart flight features include:
  • The worst dart flight ever made by a well know UK darts wholesale distributor.
  • Guaranteed not to last, but the memory retrieval of being ripped off by a well known UK darts distributor manufacturer will last a lifetime!
  • Total denial from the UK darts distributor manufacturer of ever having a problem with 150 micron dart flights.
  • Made from 150 micron thick high impact resistant, lightweight material with bonded segments that virtually fall apart in your hands.
  • Made to break the bonding at the slightest of tiniest of pressure.
  • High back-end visibility white tail tip, well thats works ok, but we designed that part!
  • Configuration to suit all quad slit dart stems providing the dart flight stays assembled while you insert them.
  • Specifications (Average): Width: 36mm. Height: 44mm.
  • Each pack includes 3 x Poor quality 150 micron dart flights made to the lowest quality imaginable.

The super crappy 150 micron dart flights are best used with Jocky Wilson or nylon material dart shafts provided they survive the insertion procedure.

... and a segment from the email from well known UK dart distributor manufacturer ''With reference to your email regarding problems you have had with the 150 flights. We have never had any issues regarding our 150 mic flights/material.'' ...

... and I reply, ''your reply stinks like doggy doo and has me howling at the moon in anger and frustration... check out the photo evidence you were presented with and be enlightened! :(''... Once our current well known UK dart distributor manufacturer stock has been liquidated will we never purchase, sell or recommend any of their products ever again! :(

Image 1 shows the start of the dart flight separation fault when the dart flight is opened up from flat status.

Picture 2 shows the 4 sections that makes up the dart flight.. these sections should rip and tear before they come apart... with the smallest amount of pressure the dart flight separates into the 3 sections, the 4th section does require a little more pressure to separate, but it easily comes apart.

If you have previously purchased any of the worst ever doggy-doo made 150 micron dart flights at the full price please return them to us for a full refund.

If you are thinking of having custom dart flights made, by all means please contact us first so we can recommend a reliable and reputable dart flight manufacturer.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 January, 1970.

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