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2 piece cue Fury Tru-Lock cue joiner

  • Model: SN-J

  • Brand: Fury Pool Cues


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Click, Tap n Share 2 piece cue Fury Tru-Lock cue joiner!

The 2 piece cue is a super strong suction 2 piece cue joiner.

The 2 piece cue offers far superior joining performance to standard cue joiners and QR pool cue joiners with true strength coming from the Tru-Lock suction sheath. The Tru-Lock suction sheath providing a "vacuum air-lock seal" that is truly unique and provides the most comfortable feel when striking the cue ball. The air lock vacuum is quite noticeable when the cue parts are separated - you can actually hear the "POP!" of the vacuum seal being broken.

Fury Tru-Lock cue joiner is an ideal replacement for those worn out, grinding or cross threaded cue joiners, and are a suitable replacement for most cue joiners used on 2 piece cues.

Fury Tru-Lock billiard, pool, snooker cue oiner specifications:

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly from joiner to joiner.

  • Overall Length: 54.51mm
  • Flange Diameter: 21.62mm.
  • Flange Thickness: 3.70mm.
  • Male Length: 27.85mm.
  • Female Length: 48.18mm.
  • Shaft Screw Length: 24.89mm.
  • Shaft Screw Diameter: 9.89mm.
  • Butt Screw Length: 25.48mm.
  • Butt Screw Diameter: 13.94mm.

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