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Cue tip tool 3 in 1 bowtie

  • Model: ABC-BOWTIE

  • 2 Units in Stock

  • Brand: Cuetec Cues

$29.99 each.

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The Cuetec 3 in 1 bowtie pool cue tip tool is the cue tip maintenance tool.

The Cuetec Bowtie Tip Tool is a 'bowtie' shape compact and easy to use 3 in 1 cue tip tool designed to scuff, shape, and aerate your pool cue tip quickly and efficiently, and without having to find and maintain 3 individual cue tip tools.

The Cuetec Bowtie Tip Tool is made from an all steel construction, with the scuff and shaping tools located on either end of the 'bowtie', and the secret and hidden aerator tool, a close circular matrix of sharp needle-like points are cleverly concealed within the Bowtie design.

Bowtie Cue Tip Scuffer, Cue Tip Shaper, and Cue Tip Aerator cue tip maintenance features.

Cue Tip Scuffer - the purpose of the scuffer side of the Bowtie is to simply roughen up the surface of the tip so it will hold chalk. Most new tips come with a finish that needs to be scuffed off before you can use the cue. Also, after some time the tip, depending on the hardness of the tip and amount of use, compresses to a smooth surface that also needs to be scuffed. You lightly scrape the surface of the tip using either a rotating or back and forth motion so these surfaces are scraped off so chalk will adhere to the tip.

Cue Tip Shaper - The purpose of the shaper side is to contour the tip to the desired dome curvature you are comfortable with. You lightly scrape the tip using a rotating motion, clockwise or counter-clockwise, making sure you work your way around the entire tip. Players commonly use a dime or nickel to measure this curvature.

Cue Tip Aerator - The purpose of the aerator feature is to slightly break up the surface of the tip when it is new or it has been compressed after being used for a while. You must unscrew the Bowtie in half to reveal the aerator pins. Gently roll the aerator over the tip piercing the tip with small pin holes so it will hold more chalk. You do not twirl, twist, or scrape the tip using the aerator. You will tear the tip to shreds if you do. You can then also shape and/or scuff after that.

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